Skin Care

The best way to care for your skin is through a healthy diet that minimizes processed foods and a healthy lifestyle that minimizes stress. This is true for all parts of the body. Even though I do these things, I still have really sensitive skin that can be very dry in the winter. In the past, it has gotten so bad that I will scratch myself in my sleep and wake in the morning to blood on the sheets. Definitely not fun.

To support healthy skin beyond the foods I eat and minimizing stress as much as possible, some days I’m better at this than others, I have a daily routine that usually keeps my skin soft and hydrated.

I bathe with very simple soap. Something with as few ingredients as possible and little to no packaging. Pictured here is an almond soap I can usually find at health-minded grocery stores. There is usually only a small bar code sticker attached. When can, I will get a few bars of soap from Fanciful Fox.

I also dry brush before I shower. It helps sluff away dry skin and keeps my skin very soft. I use a natural bamboo fiber brush.

After my shower I moisturize with Alba Organics Very Emollient Maximum body lotion. This stuff is great and helps even my hands. The bottle says it’s vegetarian and so I did a little research to make certain it was vegan. The research yielded that only Alba products with honey or beeswax are not vegan and this lotion has neither.

But in the winter, with all the heaters running and drying out the air, my skin can need extra moisture. In addition to running a humidifier at night to balance the air, I sometimes need a little help on my skin, especially my legs. I have three ways to add moisture depending on just how dry my skin is.

When my skin gets really bad, I’ll use an extra layer of creamy body butter after showering, like this one from Fanciful Fox. Thick without feeling oily.

If still itchy at night, I will rub in some Renewing Body Gelee from Arbonne and a second layer of body butter.

When these routines are not enough, I add a layer of pure cocoa butter. Days when I need this are rare, but they happen. Especially during polar vortexes that suck all the moisture out of everything.

If you experience dry skin like I do, some of these things might help. Dry brushing has been one of the most beneficial changes I have made in the last year or so.

But wait, what about my underarms? Yep, another moment of trial and error. Lots of the natural deoderants don’t work for me. I have tried so many different products and most just left me with a terrible rash. I finally found something that works and doesn’t give me a rash! I just wish it had less plastic.

Native Charcoal has been great. Works the best of any other I have tried and the scent is very mild.

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