Hair Care

I have always struggled with my hair care. I have curly hair that started to go grey when I was in college. Most hair care products are intended for straight hair and no one really knew what to do with my hair. I mostly felt like I had a giant frizzy bird nest on my head.

In grad school I finally found someone who knew how to cut my hair, how to teach me to style it, color that made sense, and products that could help. It started to look healthier and I started to actually like my hair. But I wanted everything to be vegan and minimize chemicals.

About five years ago Davines, Love for curly hair was recommended to me. The base is almonds and it’s made in Italy. I liked the shampoo and conditioner, but wasn’t as crazy about the other products in the hair care line.

Afraid of messing up my hair, I had always trusted professionals to color my hair. That is until about two years ago. I finally decided to try it myself at home. There are not a lot of options that meet my requirements, but I found Naturtint. Not amonia based and does a nice job. Best part is I can usually find it at larger healthy minded grocery stores.

Taking care of my curls has always been the most challenging part of my hair journey. About a year ago a friend recommended I look into CurlMix. I was hesitant to jump in as the primary kit is a bit pricey. But I was desperate. What I was using at the time was making my har terribly dry and fall out. Oops.

I use the Sensitive line since I have such sensitive skin and I couldn’t be happier! My hair is more healthy now than it has been in years. So much so that I waited nine months between haircuts! That hadn’t happened since I was a teenager.

Hair care can be really tricky because we all have different kinds of hair and different goals. Right now I’m really happy with the products I’m using and I hope the formulas don’t change.

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