Scoop DeVille in Philly

This summer turned out to have a soft serve theme. So of course I had to try the remaining soft serve option that had been shared with me.

Scoop DeVille uses a vanilla Tofutti Ice Cream base and mixes in desired toppings for a soft serve experience.

There are lots of vegan toppings to coose from and several preset options.

Hubby and I decided to try a preset option and ordered the Chocolate PB Indulgence. It was fun to watch the machine mix everything in to create our cup of yummers.

It’s good, especially if you like Tofutti ice cream. Hubby adores Tofutti ice cream, so he had lots of fun. I find it to be very sweet.

The space is older, but the person working was patient with our newness to the experience.

If in Center City Philly on a hot day, it’s worth trying this soft serve option. However, Scoop DeVille is next door to Bareburger with coconut based milkshakes. It might be hard to choose.

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