Lip Care

I am always asked about the personal care products I use. Sharing the brands I like is fun, but everyone is different. What I like and works for me may not be the best option for someone else. For example, I have very sensitive skin. I always have. My skin is very dry and I am prone to acne. Over time I have been able to, after lots of trial and error, find vegan and cruelty free products that work for me.

Anyway, a vegan lifestyle includes vegan personal care products. Since I get asked what I use, I thought I would share.

Like the rest of my body, my lips can be very dry. My favorite lip balm is by Fanciful Fox. I have written about their wonderful Brooklyn store before. It smells so good! The best part is their lip balm helps my lips feel hydrated. And the scents are divine. My favorites are Strawberry Milkshake and Peppermint.

Unfortunately, just a lip balm is not enough, especially in the winter with lots of cold, dry air. Every morning, before I get in the shower, I rub on some lip scrub and then let the shower water wash away the scrub part. It leaves behind a lovely moisturized feeling. In the winter, I apply the scrub twice a day. The second time happens before washing my face to go to bed. Again, Fanciful Fox makes my favorite one.

Watch for future sharing about eye care, face care, skin care, and hair care. Maybe you will read about something that could help resolve an issue you are facing.

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