Did you know that Bareburger hired Vegicano to formulate a vegan menu? Vegicano is a self-taught chef, like me, who is also a musician. His food would draw long lines at the Vegan Shop-ups in NYC. His food is so yummers that even Hubby would wait in line. So when we learned about this collaboration, we had to give it a try!

An entire side of the menu is now vegan (there are only two sides)! Bareburger focuses on burgers, so it was not a surprise to see several burger options. But there are also salads, fries, and milkshakes.

Hubby picked out the Impossible Melt, El Catrin salad, and a chocolate peanut butter shake. I ordered the Cali Fresh salad with black bean, roasted corn, and poblano patty, waffel fries with Uptown Style, and a mint chocolate cookies n cream shake.

The salads were fresh and the fries fun. The shakes have a strong coconut flavor, but were yummers. The black bean patty on my salad was a bit dry, but that was probably my fault. It’s probably great as a burger.

The space is rustic with a hippy vibe and our server was great.

Bareburger gets three out of five vegan cupcakes. The food isn’t the best, but it’s fresh and fun. We will be returning. I’m so glad they have multiple vegan options!

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