Batter & Crumbs in Philly

Batter & Crumbs has been a staple in Philly for a bit as a wholeseller of delicious treats to local restaurants and coffeehouses. They also did custom orders that many residents rave about. But they didn’t have a storefront, until now!

A few weeks ago Batter & Crumbs had a soft opening for their new location in South Philly. I was traveling, but the buzz was prominent in social media. People loved it!

So of course I had to visit as soon as I returned to Philly. There is a mouthwatering display of multiple tempting treats, as well as several grab and go options provided by other local businesses. In addition, various coffee drinks are made to order.

I selected several items to try and ate one thing in the cafe. Others had raved about the mac n cheese from the grab and go case, so I got that. It’s okay, but the owner warmed it up for me, placed it on a beautiful plate and took it to a table FOR ME while I was paying! What service!

I got a glass of water, because hydration. I took the straw and lid back so others could use them and the staff completely understood. I have since figured out to bring my own cup and I get a discount on my drink! There is even a coffee drink on the menu that benefits a local animal sanctuary. One dollar of the sale goes directly to Indraloka.

I also picked out the Spinach Jawn, a cherry and cheese danish, and a chocolate filled turnover. All were yummers!

The space is also wonderful. Plush and inviting for sharing a coffee and treat with friends or working on writing the next great American novel.

Run, don’t walk, to visit Batter & Crumbs. They are taking special orders again, but wholesale is over, so get to this cafe. I don’t normally give a vegan cupcake rating to small cafes, but this place gets five cupcakes. Beautiful and inviting space, amazing service, and unique and delicious food. Do it, you know you wanna! And maybe they will have a grand opening soon.

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