Dessert in Ottawa

Lest you think we skipped dessert while in Ottawa, that didn’t happen. We visited three different places just for dessert and enjoyed every bite!

Maverick’s Donuts, BeverTails, and La Catrina Churros are all located in the Byward Market.

Vegan donuts? Yes, please! Hubby especially adores donuts. We got one of each kind available at the time we went. Each donut is the same with a special toping. Of the chocolate, berry, and lavender, berry was the favorite for both of us.

The donuts are cake like and I could taste the fried oil. Hubby likes that taste, but I am not a fan.

BeverTails is a local favorite of frybread with toppings. The place was consistently mobbed, but they do a good job of getting people through the line quickly. Several of the options are clearly labeled as vegan available and the two I tried were yummers; Coco Vanil and Pecan Pie. Mmm…

And last but not least, was La Catrina Churros. This place is a wonderful experience.

There are only three vegan options, but oh so worth trying. We got the Traditional and the vegan key lime filling.

Seriously yummers and my favorite dessert of our trip.

When in Ottawa, make sure to try the desserts. Especially vegan Churros!

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