RAW Pulp + Grind in Ottawa

To get a really good feel for Ottawa, one day we took a five hour bike tour. I knew the tour would stop for lunch, but I didn’t know where. I wasn’t too nervous about it until the granola bar given to all participants had honey in it. I gave mine back.

Two hours into the tour we stop in Little Italy. There are several Italian restaurants around us, but there are three hours of bike riding on a hot day still ahead of us. We didn’t want anything heavy to eat. Across the street from where we parked our bikes was a sushi place. That seemed perfect until we sat there for 10 minutes without a server. Since we only had 50 minutes total to eat, we left.

Luckily Google maps said RAW Pulp + Grind was just up the road. We walked quickly in hopes we could find something to eat.

Salads, smoothies, smoothie bowls, coffee and fresh juices were all available. Hubby and I both grabbed a Kale to Cesar salad and refilled our water bottles.

The salad was yummers. Seriously delicious. And we had enough time to return to our tour. It was perfect.

The staff was kind and the space clean. Exactly what hoped for when grabbing a salad. RAW gets three out of five vegan cupcakes. Limited menu and not fully raw, but perfect for a quick lunch. I later saw another location, so it must be a local chain.

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