Pure Kitchen in Ottawa

Pure Kitchen looks to be a chain in Ottawa. They are not strictly vegan, but all vegetarian and lots of vegan options. One evening we decided to get dinner to go and have a picnic in our hotel room. Pure Kitchen was perfect for this plan.

The staff was so great that two different people were ready to take my order before I was even ready. They were happy to answer my questions and as soon as I was ready, they paused with others who came in after me to take my order. That was pretty great.

The dishes are named with adjectives in addition to what they are. Similar to Cafe Gratitude. I picked out Devine dumplings to start, a Fantastic hot bowl for myself and the Cheerful sandwich, a mock BLT, with poutine for Hubby. I also picked out a pizza bun and blueberry scone for Hubby and a double chocolate orange cookie for me.

Everything was yummers! It might have even been the best poutine we have tried. All the flavors complimented each other and we scarfed it all down.

Pure Kitchen gets four out of five vegan cupcakes. I want to give it five, but the food is very comfort oriented, not necessarily something extra special. But I will totally go back if ever the opportunity arises.

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