Shinka Sushi Bar in Ottawa

Shinka Sushi Bar is a bit challenging to find since the sign is not vibrant. However, if in the mood for some interesting vegan sushi combinations, it’s worth looking for this place.

There are several vegan options on the menu, but during our visit there was a special menu offering three specifically vegan options. Unfortunately, one of the options was not actually available, but the other two were.

While ordering, we mentioned we were vegan and this helped ensure our goal. We ordered the Agedashi Tofu without bonito flakes, which are fish flakes, an avocado roll because I am old school and still love them, a sweet potato tempura roll, and two of the vegan special maki rolls.

Everything was yummers! The sweet potato tempura was the best we have ever had and the special maki roll with what looks like grated carrot on top, it was sweet potato, was excellent. A very nice combination of flavors.

The staff was a bit slow in taking our order. This was odd since there were only two other tables in the restaurant when we arrived. They said we could sit anywhere and then kept asking us if we were expecting others. I guess since we sat at a table for four. But the space is simple and sleek.

Shinka Sushi Bar gets three out of five vegan cupcakes. The food was good and I would return for that. But the staff could be better and staying on top of what is available would be helpful.

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