Tim Hortons

Hubby insisted we try the vegan options at Tim Hortons while in Ottawa. There are multiple signs about the availability of Beyond Meat and we noticed many commercials on TVs. However, the plant-based patties are often paired with cheese made from the milk of cows and non-vegan buns. This was disappointing. I did a quick online search for what exactly was vegan to make sure we supported those options and didn’t get sick.

We ordered two Beyond Sausage Lettuce Tomato muffin sandwiches, a hash brown, and the potato wedges.

The location we visited was next to a farmers market so I also picked up carrots and berries to supplement the relatively lacking nutrients from our order.

The food was okay. Hubby felt it was good for the price, but I won’t eat there again. Hubby says Tim Hortons deserves three vegan cupcakes for the price, I say one vegan cupcake, so it gets two out of five vegan cupcakes. The interior is drab and unfriendly, I had to do extra research to know what to order, the potato wedges were soggy, the tomato and lettuce on our sandwiches was not ripe, and the sandwiches were dry. I guess they don’t know what to put on a vegan sandwich? The hash brown was crispy. Overall, just not where I want to spend money.

I’m glad I picked up beautiful carrots and berries. Those were the highlight of my picnic.

I’m really glad more restaurants are carrying vegan options and I want to support this trend. However, to keep me coming back, the food needs to be yummers and easy to identify.

A photo from the beautiful farmers market:

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