Play Food & Wine in Ottawa

Several websites list Play Food & Wine in Ottawa as worth a visit. Small plates with a separate vegan menu is very enticing, so we had to try it.

The space is clean and bright with lovely artwork. Even an open kitchen that Hubby is always excited to see.

We ordered almost one of everything from the menu and our waiter was very kind to plan the arrival of food based on flavors. For example, instead of bringing our starters first, spicy cauliflower and french fries that I forgot to take a picture of anyway, he brought out our mushroom soup and salad first.

The soup was even already in two cups. Very thoughtful. Then we got the spicy cauliflower because the waiter didn’t want the spice to overpower our enjoyment of the more mild soup and salad. I really enjoyed the soup.

Next we had a linguini dish and a grilled tempeh dish. These were both fairly bland, despite a garlicky sauce with the tempeh.

We topped off the meal with a plate of house made chocolates.

Of course I enjoyed the chocolate!

Overall, we were not crazy about the food. It was okay, but the price was high for just okay food. Play Food & Wine gets three out of five vegan cupcakes. The atmosphere and staff are wonderful. Having a special vegan menu is excellent! But the food really needs to live up to the rest and the cost.

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