MTHR Vegan in Midtown NYC

Midtown Manhattan sees hundreds of thousands of people every year, in addition to those who live and work in the area. But there lacks a concentration of vegan restaurants. So I was thrilled to learn that MTHR Vegan (pronounced Mother Vegan) opened on the west side. A friend raved about the cauliflower tacos, so of course I had to try them.

MTHR Vegan has lots of seating outside on beautiful days, but I visited during a “heat dome” and needed to sit inside. A simple space with tables along the windows and a long counter to order and pick up food.

In addition to always trying vegan mac n cheese, I am usually drawn to Cesar salad and ordered that. Hubby picked out french fries with aoli and the Tiki-Palmer. I also got a German chocolate brownie that I was too full to actually try after the giant salad. My friend got the tacos, of course.

The salad was full of flavor and crispy lettuce, exactly what I hoped for! Hubby enjoyed his fries that were not greasy while also having the crisp I enjoy. The tacos were delish! The cauliflower is thoroughly covered in something delicious before breaded and cooked. Seriously, every crevice is filled with yummers.

MRTH Vegan gets four about of five vegan cupcakes. Delicious food in a casual space at reasonable prices for the area. A much needed add to Midtown Manhattan and totally worth visiting when in the area. Especially on a beautiful day. I will be returning when visiting that area.

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  1. Thank you for a beautiful post. MTHR is a family business owned and operated by me, Ken and my brother Don. It grew out of increasing concern for our health, the future we were bequeathing our children and, of course, the unconscionable immiseration of the animals we use for food. We were nervous about opening a restaurant so focused on what is unfortunately still a very small percent of the population, but our trepidation has so far proved unfounded. We thank the NYC vegan community for its great support and encouragement.

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