Garbanzo Mediterranean Grill, Atlanta Airport

That moment when you realize your flight is delayed and you have an extra 20 minutes to find food because you are starving. This happened to me at the Atlanta airport last weekend in Terminal D. I immediately opened the Happy Cow app, but it didn’t list any airport options. Google, it is. Vegan as a search term will often yield options and it worked as hoped. A few gates down was Garbanzo Mediterranean Grill. I didn’t event look at the reviews and just booked it down the terminal.

Everything was clearly labeled when vegan and the staff was also kind to my frazzled self.

I picked out the salad base with falafel, snapped a photo, and booked it back to my gate. They made the falafel after I ordered it, so I was hopeful. Unfortunately, the falafel was not good and I didn’t finish that part of my salad. But the rest was worth eating and I got to finish it before boarding the plane.

Airports have captive audiences, but I feel they should offer good food nonetheless. Garbanzo gets two out of five vegan cupcakes. It was okay and I’m glad I could eat. The falafel could have been better.

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