Visiting Lancaster Farm Sanctuary

Me and the founders, Sara and Jonina

I don’t even know where to begin about how incredible of a day we had at Lancaster Farm Sanctuary. We were the largest group they had ever had visit at once and we were only 25 people. The best part? Beyond spending a day with amazing people, loving on animals, eating great food, doing yoga in the most beautiful space under the shade of a large tree, and making new friends? I raised hundreds of dollars for the continued care of the beautiful animals.

Just in the last week four new animals came to live at the farm. The baby pig pictured above, two older pigs, and the sweetest sheep with neurological issues. Their stories made me tear up with joy for their new lives.

We also met several goats that were thrilled for additional love and attention.

Upon arrival, we scarfed up delicious crabless cakes, purple potato salad, and a chocolate donut from Soy Cafe.

Then we listened to some history of the farm and set off on a tour to meet all the animals with the founders.

So many beautiful animals!

After all the animal cooing, we laid out our yoga mats under the shade of a large tree and relaxed with some gentle yoga in the quiet countryside.

Everyone wanted to stay longer and cuddle with the animals, but it was time to head back to Philly. If this sounds like your kind of day, I hope you join a future fundraiser and day trip.


  1. It really was an amazing day! Thank you so much for making it possible!!!
    Also, I’d love to know how you liked my Vegan Coconut Chocolate Italian Straw.
    Best and I’ll see you soon!

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