Evolve in DC

This review is hard to write. Evolve / Elife is a restaurant in the very north part of DC. It has good reviews online and I learned about it from an article discussing the best vegan restaurants in DC. It serves soul food and has a supposedly vegan bar. It sounded like a place I couldn’t pass up. Despite having two names to confuse me.

Evolve is not what I thought it would be. It’s small and dark. The one person working was surly until he warmed up to me. At 5:30 the bar was not open. The only food available looked like it had been sitting there since lunch and that scared hubby. He refused to eat and was worried I would get sick. I didn’t. Woo hoo!

Only what was in the case was available. I got a “large” plate to be able to try more things, and I was hungry. The macaroni and “cheese” was delicious and the rest okay; green beans, greens, and orange “chicken.”

I don’t recommend making the trip to Elife. I made a reservation online and the place was empty. Not a good sign. Hubby gives the place no cupcakes. I give it one vegan cupcake out of five. If wanting to try it, maybe go at opening to get fresh food.

Written by Deanna Meyler, PhD

Certified Vegan Lifestyle Coach & Educator. Sharing an everyday approach to being vegan.

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