Hotel Riu in Bahamas

Hubby and I save up all our celebrating for birthdays. We don’t buy each other gifts or plan anything special unless it is with friends or family for other holidays. This way we can go over the top to celebrate the day that brought us into this life.

I didn’t always have great birthday’s growing up and so I didn’t really think much of them as a young adult, but Hubby was bound and determined to change this. The only thing I ask for each year is a surprise, because I adore surprises. Some years it is a beautiful piece of antique jewelry that he knows I will adore and appreciate not contributing to the current mining of natural resources. Other years it is a surprise trip. This year was a surprise trip.

Hubby spends hours researching where to go. He prefers a resort because then there is little to plan after finding the right one. He also does not want to spend too much time in airports or on planes (dehydration, cosmic rays, germs, time lost in travel, etc.) so he focuses on direct short flights. He also wants to be absolutely certain we will not have trouble eating. Nothing ruins a vacation like an empty stomach. This year he really splurged and took us to the Bahamas!

Hotel Riu is an all-inclusive resort on Paradise Island next to Nassau. It is the same island that hosts the famous Atlantas. We were immediately in awe of the beautiful water.

The resort is in great condition and the staff wonderful. Each on-site restaurant promises to accommodate any eating needs and we tried two of the four specialty ones.

The food was okay in these restaurants, but the real winner was the primary buffet restaurant. Once they learned I was vegan, I got a private tour of the vegan options in the dinning room and instructions on how to have fresh options made vegan. What a dream!

I ate so well! I also asked to talk with a pastry chef to learn what desserts might be available. Nothing prepared daily was vegan, but their whipped cream is accidentally vegan. So I asked if I could have something made special on my birthday to help celebrate. They said no problem. Then Hubby followed up secretly and asked them to make me a cake! The night of my birthday the dinning room staff surprised me with singing and cake. I LOVED it!

In addition, on my birthday a beautiful plate of fresh fruit was delivered to our room to help me celebrate.

I don’t really drink alcohol, but their bar has mocktails and even made a customized delicious drink for me that I ordered almost every night. I am allergic to pineapple, so they would substitute a different fruit. Only one night did it accidentally still have pineapple. Oops.

We had such an amazing time. The resort offers daily exercise opportunities and I took advantage of yoga and water aerobics, my absolute favorite way to exercise.

The beaches were beautiful and little fish would come brush against my legs as I waded into the ocean. It was incredible.

Hotel Riu restaurants get four out of five vegan cupcakes. If the food was labeled to help navigate menus and dining rooms and more vegan options readily available, five cupcakes would be my easy review. I highly recommend Hotel Riu if the opportunity ever arises for a visit.

While there we spent many hours reading on the beach, walked along the beach, got a fantastic massage, took a boat trip to a neighbor island, and explored Nassau on a bicycle tour. It was a dream vacation.


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