Fare Well in DC

My absolute favorite restaurant during the recent DC trip was Fare Well. And we ate there before getting on the train home! We should have visited sooner.

Fare Well is part of the Sticky Fingers family and located in a cute residental area near Union Station. I told our server that I liked the food here better than Sticky Fingers and she said “I’m glad.”

Since Sticky Fingers is known for sweets, it’s not surprising that many delicious desserts are at the front of the restaurant.

We always enjoy trying Cesar Salads and Mac ‘n Cheese, so I ordered both of these. Hubby ordered Benedict Florentine.

The scramble on the Benedict was the same as at Sticky Fingers, but with the other pieces, the entire dish was yummers. The Cesar was more of a spinach salad with some dressing, but also very tasty. The Cheesy Mac was very good.

The space is cute and our server was wonderful.

We, of course, HAD to get dessert and couldn’t decide which cake to try. Our server recommended the cookie dough cake and we were not disappointed.

It was so good that we got half a dozen chocolate chip cookies to go. I wanted to give some to our friend who watched our dog while we were gone. She loved them too!

Fare Well gets four out of five vegan cupcakes. Definitely target this restaurant for a visit when in DC.

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