Fruitive in DC

Fruitive provided one of my favorite meals while in DC. Between museums we stopped for brunch/lunch. Unfortunately, hubby was less impressed.

It is a very small space and going at lunch on a weekday meant a crowded space. We stood in line, ordered at a counter, found two stools, and picked up our food on the opposite side of the room. I share this to highlight that the space could be better utilized.

From a surly order taker, I ordered a peaches and greens smoothy and the Forager soup. I really enjoyed my selections.
Hubby ordered strawberry peanut butter toast, almond banana toast, and the Southwest quesadilla. Actually, he ordered the other quesadilla, but they were out of it. He also picked out fresh macadamia nut milk. He liked the milk and thought the quesadilla was decent, but was unimpressed with the toasts.

Fruitive gets three out of five vegan cupcakes. There is definitely room for improvement, but I enjoyed my meal. Certainly worth stopping by and ordering something to go.

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