Urban Cheesecraft Mozzarella

Sometimes I love me some kitchen experiements. I have been wanting to make more of my own cheeses, but I am honestly terrified. There are ingredients I don’t know how to make and the curing for an extended period of time seems daunting.

Urban Cheesecraft gave me a way to easily dip my toes into homemade vegan cheese making without a large commitment and I am thankful.

A small and lightweight box implies an easy process for mozzarella. After making the cheese, I agree that the process can be easy if one has the right tools. For example, I have a strong blender. If I didn’t, I might have had to use cheesecloth and strain my ground nuts to ensure a smooth cheese.

Big steps? Soak nuts, I picked cashews. Blend nuts, water, oil, and contents of ingredient packet. Cook mixture. Place mixture in bowl lined with parchment paper.

Chill cheese and enjoy. Honestly, the last step was the best. As to be expected.

I had fun making this cheese and the process is now a bit less daunting. If I am serious about making my own vegan cheese, I next get to figure out the ingredients beyond nuts, water, oil, and ingredient packet.

If wanting to try your own hand at making cheese without thinking through all the ingredients, Urban Cheesecraft is a nice place to start. And the cheese, at least the mozzarella, is yummers!

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