The Melting Pot

The Melting Pot is a chain of fondue restaurants. From what I understand, they have always had veganizable options, but at some locations they currently have a separate vegan menu. A group of vegan friends and I decided we had to try out the special menu.

The decor is full of clean lines and dark wood at the location we traveled to in New Jersey.

At each table are electric burners for the fondue. Since we had such a large group, we got one of everything on the menu.

The meal began with what I immediately think of when I think of fondue, cheese! Yummers. Two different cheese fondues were prepared right in front of us.

Everyone got a tray of bread, fruit, and vegetables to dip in the fondue.

This was my favorite part of the meal, hands down.

Next came a small green salad.

The most challenging part of the meal was the main course. Trays of vegetables, tofu, and faux meatballs came to the table and we each got to grill or fry our own vegetables.

I didn’t like the experience or the food. The grill kept turning off and the server even warned us of this issue at the beginning. A problem this big should get resolved. We had to go find someone to keep turning on the grill. The fry pot didn’t fry things well and thus we had to just leave everything in for a long time to have oily/soggy food.

After what seemed like an eternity to cook our own food, dessert came. Melted chocolate and a plate of fruit.

This part was also yummers. If I get to go to The Melting Pot again, I will get the cheese and chocolate fondues, skipping the cooking of my own food.

The Melting Pot is truly an experience in dining. Like nothing I had experienced before. For this it is worth checking out. The restaurant gets three out of five vegan cupcakes. The cooking of food could have gone much smoother and the server more supportive. She tried to convince us to items not on the vegan menu, thinking they were vegan. Later she revealed that they contained chicken stock. Oops. However, I would go back for the cheese and chocolate fondue.

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