indeblue in Philly

indeblue describes itself as Indian fusion. I’m not sure the origin of the fusion, but I feel it’s Indian with a modern twist. Located in Center City, Philadelphia, this restaurant is bringing Indian food into the 21st century.

There are a few things on the menu that I recognize. I went for flavors I enjoy, rather than names I recognized, and was not disappointed. Items already vegan or easily made vegan are clearly marked on the menu with a “v.”

We started with crispy spinach chatt and crispy cauliflower.

When these were delivered, the runner, without prompting, said everything was vegan. I’m guessing because the chatt looks like it has cheese on it. I couldn’t get enough of the chatt. Crispy spinach that melts in the mouth. The cauliflower reminded me of buffalo cauliflower and was also yummers.

For our entrees I picked the saag bahar, rasam, and roti. All was delicious, but I especially liked the saag bahar.

The space is a bit gaudy, but seems clean, which is important. All the servers were friendly and food came out after a reasonable amount of time.

We arrived shortly after opening on a Saturday evening without a reservation and asked to sit at the bar. If wanting to sit at a table, a reservation will help, but I don’t think it’s necessary.

For a place that is not fully vegan or vegetarian, indeblue was a nice find. Clearly labeling the menu with vegan option is such a great touch. There is even the opportunity to do a tasting menu of every course that is fully vegan. I chose not to because the vegan dessert is sorbet and I just don’t usually get excited by sorbet.

indeblue gets four out of five vegan cupcakes and I will definitely be returning. Hubby feels the decor gives them the four cupcakes and if they had exciting vegan dessert options, I would have given a five.

Update: The menu has changed and there are fewer vegan options. In addition, the vegan options are not as tasty as they used to be. I have changed the ranking to two vegan cupcakes.

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