Handy Diner in Denver

Handy Diner in Denver is a true hole-in-the-wall. A tiny place with a tiny sign in the window. Everyone enters on the side of the building into a room with mismatched tables and chairs.

The the food is wonderfully New Mexican comfort! Green chili, one of my favorite things, is the prominent vegetable on the menu.

We ordered Green Chili Cheese Fries to start.

Absolutely need a fork to eat and get into the chew hole faster. The dish happily primed us for what was next, Chili Rellenos and BBQ Jackfruit and Potato Chimichanga.

Large portions filled our bellies quickly and I couldn’t even finish my rellenos. Which, btw, I had not had this dish in so long I can’t remember. What a treat!

We really enjoyed Handy Diner. Don’t be dismayed by the set up because the food is wonderful, especially if you enjoy southwestern food. Handy Diner gets four out of five vegan cupcakes. Yummers! The space could use a good scrub and fresh paint and everyone always benefits from more vegetables. But the place is so worth going. We took the train from downtown to get there and then B Cycle bikeshare to get back downtown. Absolutely accessible.

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