Angelica Kitchen in East Village

Angelica Kitchen is a long standing vegan restaurant in NYC. It was one of the places I visited during my second trip ever to NYC, many years before I moved here. People claim to adore this place. I, however, think there are better options.

The place is cute and homey with lots of natural light, a nice change for NYC.

I decided to order from the special list as that is often the best food for the day at any restaurant. I got the Winter-Layer Wonderland and hubby selected butternut squash soup and a Ruben. We were both excited for our options from a place so beloved.

Well, the food was dry and cold. Unfortunate. The overall flavors were underwhelming. This was what I remembered from the many years ago I had visited (2005? 2006?). Back on the early 2000s I would have jumped on any opportunity for a vegan restaurant, even if I was a better cook. But there are incredible vegan options within walking distance of Angelica Kitchen to take advantage of. In relation to those, this place gets two out of five vegan cupcakes. I’m sad I didn’t enjoy the food more, but want to be honest about my experience. I won’t be going back.


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