Zabby in Burlington

I recently Zipcar-ed myself through the changing leaves to Burlington, Vermont. Dear friends live there that I had not seen in too long. It was a stunning drive and I was famished upon arrival. We walked to Zabby’s for some warm comfort food, vegan style.

The place is not fully vegan, but I got the soup of the day and a club sandwich, both clearly marked as vegan. Hubby got a vegan Ruben and we were both full for the night.

The space is warm and comfortable, if a bit crowded.

The food was perfect for the moment. Worth eating and enjoyable, but not the best vegan food we’ve had. The sandwiches were a bit plain. 

Zabby gets three out of five vegan cupcakes. It works, especially when traveling, but there is yummier vegan food in Burlington. More posts to come!

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