Watercourse Foods in Denver

I ended up at Watercourse Foods in Denver, Colorado by accident. I had originally landed at a place a vegetarian friend recommended, but there was a 45 minute wait. Yikes. So I got on my trusted Happy Cow app, found Watercourse Foods, called to find out their only 15 minute wait and headed over.

We were not at all disappointed! Adorable place with no wait by the time we arrived. The staff was super kind. Only obstacle was it was loud. Like scream at those across the table from you to be heard, loud.

The food was wonderful. Wanting to try multiple things, I ordered way more than I could eat, but others at my table helped eat the yummies. I got the Chorizo Hash, Kale, and Mac N Cheese because I can’t pass an opportunity to try Mac N Cheese.

The hash was too spicy for me. Right? How is this possible? Not sure, but I did love the green chile. The kale was garlicky and delicious. The Mac N Cheese was not as creamy as hoped, but tasty nonetheless. My dinner buddies got a taco salad and “fish” tacos. Both also yummy.

Although we couldn’t finish what we ordered, we got a couple desserts to try. The special was a Boston Cream Cake – ordered! And we got a peanut butter chocolate shake. Mmm…

To drink, my buddies got a bottle of wine to share and I had a kombucha mimosa, lemon-ginger.

Watercourse Foods gets four out of five vegan cupcakes. The food was good and the place nice. It could have been less loud. Worth a taste when in Denver. Yummers!

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