Brooklyn Wiskers in NYC

One of the things I adore about the Vegan Shop Ups here in NYC is getting to know the folks making veganism easier when they are just starting out. This is the case with Brooklyn Wiskers. I was lucky enough to meet the founder/baker and enjoy the yummyness a year before this cafe opened.

I have been drooling over her croissants and desserts for months and look forward to seeing the yum at the Shop Ups. When the cafe was being planned, the owner said it was coming and promised to keep coming to the events. Score!

Brooklyn Wiskers is adorable and has an expanded menu with the permanent location. I finally made it out to Bushwick earlier this month.

In addition to those delicious pastries, I ordered “bis-cats” and gravy with kale and potatoes. So yummy!

I highly recommend catching Brooklyn Wiskers when in Bushwick. Brooklyn Wiskers gets four out of five vegan cupcakes. It’s a cafe and small, but wonderful and worth the train ride.

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