The Fanciful Fox

“Tested on dirty vegans, not on animals” says it all. Another slogan used is “made with love and plants.” How could anyone not want to try these products? Then you smell them and suddenly long for a bath or shower!

I learned about The Fanciful Fox a few months after moving to NYC, but they have a website, so it’s totally my fault for not knowing about them before. Exploring a ShopUp in Brooklyn was this table full of beautiful soaps and pretty little containers. A friend standing next to me was shocked I was unfamiliar with the brand and insisting I pick out something. I have so many allergies that I was very hesitant. I noticed they have an olive oil night lotion similar to one I had been using for several years from a different company and I was needing to order more anyway. So I got theirs instead and haven’t looked back. Wanting to support a local company, I tried more things, like lip balm, and hubby is even now hooked on their soaps.

The care placed into every detail is just a pleasure to see and the owners are some of the nicest and coolest people I have gotten to meet. I was lucky enough to attend their grand opening last month of a storefront in Brooklyn.

And I even snagged a goody bag.

A different friend was at the opening and had not tried anything yet. Wow, was she in for a treat!

I highly recommend trying something from The Fanciful Fox. Form your own opinion and hopefully fall in love with the products like I have. I can’t wait to get back to their store and leisurely explore all the different product options!


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