Loving Hut


Loving Hut is a religious inspired vegan chain of faster food. It’s faster because much is ready to serve, but not pre-packaged and under a heat lamp. The nice thing is that the religious part is subtle if even present. The bad thing is they are are not everywhere yet. When I am in a city with a Loving Hut, I try to stop by. In San Francisco, there is one in the food court of the Westfield Mall. This makes it a little strange to find and eating is food court style, but the food is still yummers.



There is a small menu and options in a case. They also always have excellent desserts. All vegan! I ordered the Loving Hut Sandwich and a piece of the Oreo chocolate cake.


I have never been disappointed by this chain and highly recommend visiting Loving Hut if you can. I give it 5 out of 5 vegan cupcakes because the food is delicious, celebrates the natural flavors of the ingredients, and is consistent. Oh, and the desserts! Yummers.

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