I’m in San Francisco this week and no vegan trip to this city is complete without eating at Millennium. It has been around for many years now, more than 10. There is a cook book and it always pops on vegan restaurants to visit.

What Millennial does that others do not, is expertly mix flavors. The experience is so unique that I have nothing to compare. There is such a flavor smorgasbord that it can feel overwhelming to order. My recommendation, ask the server to help and stick to flavors you know you enjoy to start. I picked an entree with artichokes and polenta and hoped for the best regarding the rest. I was not disappointed. It was delicious.


I also asked for the daily artisanal bread and and spread that was a black lentil and caraway yumminess.


I could not leave without at least trying a dessert and selected the cranberry creme brûlée with Douglas Fir coconut ice cream. See what I mean about flavors? I have never had creme brûlée, so this option was extra fun. It was very good and too sweet for me to finish.


I left with a happy tummy. Millennium gets 5 out of 5 vegan cupcakes. It’s inventive, leads with the natural goodness of flavors, and never disappoints.

A helpful tip if visiting. The place is always full with reservations. Either make a reservation before coming to San Francisco or be willing to sit at the bar. I was dining alone and got a seat at the bar right away on a Saturday night.

The current menu:






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