Lucky Creation Vegetarian Restaurant

I was excited to visit an authentic Chinese and vegan restaurant in San Francisco’s Chinatown. Certainly not an everyday opportunity.

This place is a hole in the wall. In fact, getting to the bathroom means going through a crowded kitchen. I certainly got the experience I had hoped for. And my server was incredibly nice and attentive. Locals gobbled down multiple dishes while I visited.


Unfortunately, the food was just okay. I ordered from the “Special Suggestion” list in hopes of getting something wonderful. The curry wheat gluten sausage with broccoli was edible. The “sausage” had no flavor and thus the curry carried the dish.


Lucky Creation gets 2 out of 5 vegan cupcakes for authenticity, but not great food. There is plenty of fantastic Asian food in San Francisco to enjoy. Yummers!

P.S. If you received notification about “how to store a bathtub,” sorry. I accidentally cross posted something from another blog I write. If you liked the post, please check out Things We Don’t See at

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