Try New Things

2014-06-06 13.35.00

I love trying new things. New things are not always perfect, but I have fun trying and sometimes the new thing is incredible. The photo above is is of a carton of water that I was given instead of a bottle. Very cool idea. Cardboard is much easier to recycle than plastic. I had a little trouble opening the carton, but drinking water was a whole new experience and I loved it.

Being vegan encourages me to continue to try new things. Over the years so many new options have become available and I want to try it all. Sometimes they are not all great and I don’t eat them again and other times something becomes part of my regular diet. It’s fun for me and I don’t mind sharing what I think about different items on this blog. Hopefully you all like reading about my opinions. In real life, I mostly keep my opinions to myself. Others see and know my excitement about trying new things, but I usually keep my mouth shut so everyone can decide for themselves. This and the fact that non-vegans seem to have no trouble sharing their opinions about my diet. I try hard not to be like them.

With all this said, last night I got to be one of the first people to try Isa Chandra Moskowitz‘s new restaurant, Modern Love in Omaha, Nebraska. When I moved to Omaha I had no idea that Isa lived here and was quite surprised. She is a nice person and truly loves vegan food. We, the vegans in Omaha, have been anxiously waiting for her first restaurant to open for a long time. Almost two years ago the rumors began and then about a year ago a location was selected. Now, we eat! I will share all about it in my regular Monday post, but there are a few teasers in Twitter from last night. @aneverydayvegan

Happy trying new things!

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