Plane Food

2014-04-22 06.57.55 2014-04-22 06.59.00

Once upon a time, meals on planes were common, expected even. Today, they are rare and I seem to only encounter them on international flights. Our trip to Spain was on Delta and for the flight over we were unsure if we had placed our food restrictions in their system properly. We had not, but the flight attendants scrambled around and found some beautiful fruit and potato chips for me. They were very kind. For the flight back, hubby and I tried harder to make sure vegan was part of my profile and it actually worked! I got an entire tray of vegan food that was edible. I’m not sure exactly what it all was, but it tasted okay and I could eat it. Phew!

This story reiterates the importance of packing my own snacks. For the flight over I was okay because I was prepared. Otherwise, I would have been starving. I still had some snacks on the way back, but was thankful for the tray of new flavors. My story also points out how difficult it can be to get special meals on planes. But plane food never discourages my wander lust!

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