2014-04-21 07.55.22

Our last day in Madrid we decided to do a little shopping. There is one main street with lots of stores to choose from. Knowing we would be on this street, I did a little research and found a vegetarian Chinese buffet on Happy Cow that is about four blocks away. Happy Cow said the buffet was mostly vegan and the tempura was vegan, so I was excited to ry it.

2014-04-21 08.03.44 2014-04-21 08.04.07

I was not disappointed and had great fun trying lots of different things. There was even a vegan flan to end with.

Shi-Shang gets four out of five vegan cupcakes. It was good and I would go back, but there were a lot of faux-meat options and I really enjoy bean and tofu options. As a buffet, it also didn’t taste as fresh as I normally enjoy. It’s a perfect option for a quick lunch.

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