2014-04-17 15.10.51

Our second night in Madrid we connected with four friends. The culture is to walk around and stop of drinks and tapas as desired and as a group we had already stopped twice. Unfortunately, as the only vegan in the group, I was unable to eat during the two stops and I started to get very hungry. I had hoped to find an easy grab and go to satisfy just me, since I was the only one needing something unique. Our friends decided to find and take all of us to a vegetarian restaurant. Even when we arrived I said they did not have to join me. I was just so thankful food was coming. They all decided to sit and have dinner with us and loved every bite. Everyone enjoyed the food.

2014-04-17 15.19.40 2014-04-17 15.52.02 2014-04-17 15.52.18 2014-04-17 15.55.49 2014-04-17 15.56.20 2014-04-17 15.56.33 2014-04-20 07.40.50 2014-04-20 08.14.24

As a vegetarian restaurant, several of my friends ordered dishes with cheese, but the menu and waitstaff use the word “vegano” for vegan and completely knew what I wanted. The food was beautiful and delicious. It was so good that when I found myself in the same neighborhood again a few days later, I stopped in for lunch. It absolutely receives five out of five vegan cupcakes.

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