2014-04-17 06.38.04 2014-04-17 06.38.29

In Madrid, with the help of Happy Cow, I found a fabulous vegan restaurant very close to my hotel. My first visit I got brunch and so I returned for lunch a few days later.

Our waitress was very nice and brunch has five courses. Mmm…

2014-04-17 06.52.45 2014-04-17 07.02.57 2014-04-17 07.14.02 2014-04-17 07.29.55 2014-04-17 07.50.51


1: Bread and toppings. I picked artichoke and avocado

2: Yogurt, fruit, and granola

3: Squash soup

4: Potatoes and tofu scramble, but much more savory scramble than what I find in the US

5: Dessert – lemon and poppyseed

This is served with a juice of choice (I picked orange and hubby got peach) and a hot drink (I got green tea and hubby got coffee). The bill comes in a cute little basket!

2014-04-17 08.06.21

Every bite was delicious. Rayen gets five out of five vegan cupcakes. I highly recommend stopping here when in Madrid.



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