Spain Travelin’ Vegan

2014-04-11 22.46.23

I have written about traveling as a vegan before, but it was all theoretical and based on past experiences. Two weeks ago I traveled to Spain and the next couple weeks of blogging will be dedicated to talking about the trip as a vegan.

Before going, I did some research about the food culture there, so I would know what to expect. I had always wanted to go to Spain, so I was super excited. The trip started in Barcelona and they eat a lot of seafood. As I moved inland to Madrid, I learned they ate a lot of pork. In addition, vegetables are always ordered separately. This meant that menus would have separate vegetable sections.

I also did some research about the knowledge of veganism in Spain and learned that most people had never heard of it and many are still unfamiliar with vegetarianism. I am luckily that I know some Spanish and can communicate my desires about what I don’t want to eat. The good news is that one can easily explore Spain without Spanish by sticking to the vegan/vegetarian restaurants and asking if any of the wait-staff can speak English before sitting at a restaurant.

But, I had to begin with provisions. I knew there would not always be a vegan option close by to all the things I wanted to see. And, there is never a guarantee the airline will get my special meal right. I had to be prepared for the worst.

The photo above is the food I packed:

  • Ten servings of seaweed
  • One and a half boxes of mini peanut butter crackers (I should have packed the full two boxes because I love them)
  • One box wheat crackers because I am known to get motion sick and crackers help
  • Two bags of ginger chews, again for the motion sickness
  • One bag dried plantains
  • One bag dried berries
  • 20 servings of nuts and dried fruit in packets to shove two in my purse every day as I headed out

It was perfect! I ate almost all of it and was so thankful to have variety. I was right, one plane ride did not get my order and there were many days I was suddenly hungry and surrounded by food I couldn’t or didn’t want to eat. My hour of research before heading to the grocery store was completely worth it.

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