Side Effects

There are a few early side effects when going vegan that are not often talked about. At least one is taboo and explains why no one brings it up. It is perfectly normal to experience these things and anyone moving to a vegan diet should be aware of what they might face in the short term.

  • Gassy. It is not uncommon to experience gas, and even some bloating, when first eating an all vegan diet. The dramatic increase in vegetables is something your body will have to get used to. Some people use Beano to help them through this change. I do not remember experiencing this side effect, and many get to skip it. But, if you feel gassy, it is perfectly normal.
  • Groggy. When first going vegan, some people are implementing a huge change to their diet and their bodies may need to detox a bit. If this is you, groggy and cranky may be your first side effects. Some may even feel sick for a few days as the body adjusts. Again, this is normal.
  • Alert. Once the detox phase is over, you may actually feel more alert. Many have described feeling they have more energy and mental clarity within a week of going vegan.
  • Less tired. Many have described being able to sleep better and feeling more rested after sleeping once vegan.

There are many long term side effects that a healthy vegan diet can provide, but these things could happen right away and are perfectly normal.

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