Urbano Mexican Kitchen in Bethlehem

I always look forward to visiting Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. It’s so beautiful here, and our very favorite drive-in movie theater is close by.

Hungry, as always, led us to find a new place to try. A quick search identified Urbano Mexican Kitchen on Main Street. Mmm… Mexican food. It always makes me miss Texas.

Chips and salsa arrived right away and without us asking. The salsa was on the sweeter end.

We picked out guacamole that we ate so fast I forgot to get a photo and vegetarian tacos. They also had a vegan rice bowl and fajitas that could be ordered without dairy. All the vegetarian options had a “V” next to the item on the menu.

The tacos were just what we hoped for.

Our server was kind, and the food came in a reasonable amount of time. We sat outside, so I went in and took a photo of the nice space.

Urbano Mexican Kitchen gets three of five vegan cupcakes. I would go back.

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