scen in NYC

I finally got back to NYC. Woo hoo! I still love it there and stayed in Manhattan. Though, on this trip the noise and smells where stronger than I remember. Some of the things I remember about my very first visit in 2001 came back to light. For example, at the end of my first day, my neck was filthy. That hadn’t happened in over two decades. Not sure why it happened this time.

One afternoon we were hungry. This is how it often starts! Just down the street from our midtown hotel is a new vegan bowl restaurant, scen. Yep, it’s spelt all lowercase.

I picked out the Power bowl and Hubby got the squash and ricotta bagel.

It’s a sparce space with everything ready to assemble. The staff was kind, but distracted.

The food was just okay. The bagel was small and Hubby was left wanting more. My bowl was filling, but kind of disappointing, especially for the price. We will not likely return.

scen gets two out of five vegan cupcakes. It was okay and the staff okay. Nothing spectacular in a city full of amazing food.

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