Huff & Puff in Philly

Lots of people have been sharing about the new vegan BBQ options at Huff & Puff in Center City Philadelphia. They have unique options like smoked watermelon. I like to try new things, even when they sound a little strange, so I had to visit.

A friend and I met for lunch and were unsure what to try. Especially since she is gluten-free. But the owner was super kind and patient with us and helped her know exactly what fit her diet. I decided on the smoked watermelon platter with mac n cheese and she got the cauliflower, without sauce, and beans. Both of us got a taste of the coleslaw.

It was certainly very fun to try, but not really something I would order again. The watermelon is marinated and them smoked for six hours. The process gives the watermelon a more meaty texture and the marinade gives it a more savory flavor. But it tastes like watermelon with less juice and some spices on it. The coleslaw was ironically juicy. The mac n cheese was decent, but then Hubby wanted to try it too a few days later and was completely different (and not as good). The cauliflower was very dry.

I wanted to like Huff & Puff and I’m glad I tried it. It just isn’t for me. But it could be for you. I give it two out of five vegan cupcakes. I won’t go back, but there is nothing wrong with the place. The flavor just isn’t my favorite.

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