Rachel’s in Lancaster, PA

Rachel’s offers crepes and is very popular in Lancaster. PA. The first time I tried to go the wait was at least 45 minutes. They offer vegan crepes, vegan cheese, and vegan chick’n substitutes.

They converted much of their parking lot into outdoor seating under a tent. The day I finally got to try the food, it was beautiful outside. It was a perfect day to sit outside. We started with smoothies. Hubby picked the Very Berry and I ordered the Parisian Sunset with spinach. Yummers!

For lunch Hubby picked a veganized California Chicken Crepe and I got the Santa Fe.

Both were tasty, though mine did not hold up as well. The staff was busy, but attentive and happy to make whatever change we wanted to our orders. Rachel’s gets three out of five vegan cupcakes. Not too many options, but tasty. I will return.

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