Root in Lancaster, PA

Root in Lancaster, PA bills itself as a restaurant and bar. I would put bar first. It feels more like a bar with bar food. It is the only fully vegan restaurant in Lancaster right now, so of course we had to try it while in town.

There is a rotating menu and a permanent menu. We decided to order from the rotating menu. I picked out the Mac Bites to start and the Greek Pizza. Hubby picked out the Avocado Reuben.

Well, I was not impressed. The Mac Bits were not very tasty. My pizza was more like a flatbread with a few toppings and the Reuben was more like an avocado sandwich with sauerkraut in it. I decided to try a dessert and picked out a slice of cookies and cream cheesecake.

It looks much better than it tasted. We didn’t even finish it. I was very disappointed by Root. However, another couple sitting next to us recommended trying the weekend brunch. We didn’t plan to, but the restaurant we tried to go to had a long wait. Crossing our fingers, we tried again. I picked out the Tofu Scramble and Hubby got the Pepper & Onion Omelette.

Much better! The staff was very nice and the space unique. Root gets two out of five vegan cupcakes for dinner and three for brunch. I will return for brunch, but maybe not for dinner.

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