Goodlife in Lancaster, PA

A couple weeks ago we headed to Lancaster, PA for the second annual Lancaster Farm Sanctuary gala. Last year we went and stayed in a tiny home, those homes build on trailers. It was great fun! This year we decided to stay in the city and booked a wonderful Airbnb. This town is adorable and has many restaurants with clearly labeled vegan options. The first one we tried was Goodlife, an organic fast/casual restaurant.

They have smoothie bowls, grain bowls, sandwichs, and some other fun things. We ordered from a kiosk that listed out all ingredients and if items were vegan, gluten free, etc. Without realizing it, Hubby and I ordered the same thing! The Glo Grain Bowl attracted both of us. I also ordered Watermelon Hops kombucha and Hubby picked out a latte.

The bowl was decent, but the kombucha was bitter. I probably will need to try a different flavor next time.

The space was clean and cute. The staff kind and patient. One thing I didn’t like was everything is served in disposable containers. The restaurant is creating a lot of extra waste. They also have a small storefront.

The next day I returned and got a smoothie that was just okay. A bit too sweet for me. Goodlife gets two out of five vegan cupcakes. The food is okay and the staff kind, but to have to throw everything away, cups, plates, cutlery, makes me not want to go there.

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