The Chilly Banana in Philly

The Chilly Banana has been a mainstay food trailer in the Philly area for some time. They make nice cream (whipped frozen bananas) with all kinds of fun toppings. Every vegan festival and pop up event I attended I hoped they would be there and the line not too long. The line has always been very long. Yay for them!

Recently, The Chilly Banana opened a permanent location walking distance from my apartment in South Philly. Yummers! Their fun toping combinations are now regularly available. Of course I had to visit!

My first visit I got a banana with chocolate syrup shake that was perfect on a hot day. My next visit I got the Sunday. Mmm… They also have a mango option that will be my next treat. Definitely visit and try this yummy dessert spot when in Philly!

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