Modern Market Eatery in Dallas

I am fully vaccinated and have missed my family so much. So I braved my first plane trip since February 2020. Most people were wearing masks, but my plane was full. Hard to social distance sitting next to a perfect stranger.

One night for dinner my family and I headed to Modern Market Eatery. The menu has vegan options clearly labelled, as well as gluten free and nut free. I was excited and ordered the Buddha Bowl.

The Buddha Bowl normally comes with broccoli, but they were out and I substituted greens. Who runs out of broccoli? It was okay. My nephews were very curious about the tofu (win).

The space was cute. Everyone orders at the counter and that takes a while. The person at the counter was not especially menu knowledgeable, but maybe he was new. He didn’t know they were out of broccoli and had to ask me later what I wanted instead. I liked the open kitchen.

Modern Market Eatery gets two vegan cupcakes out of five. My brother said his chicken was dry and crunchy when it should not have been. Not that I care about that, but if wanting a place everyone can eat at, this may not be the best choice. They also never brought part of our order, even after we mentioned the missing item.

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