Alden’s Organic Ice Cream

It has been a rather long time since I was able to sit still and share. I miss all your comments and support! The pandemic has made life very different and I just have not been exploring like I used to. But I am fully vaccinated now and more comfortable being part of humanity again. I even restarted the Philly Vegan Food Tour. Woo hoo!

To kick off the warmer weather, I tried a new to me ice cream, Alden’s Organic Muddy Brownie. I was tempted by chocolate and bits of brownie, but was overall disappointed. The chocolate flavor was a bit strange to me, like an alternative sweetener was used. Then the bits of brownie had an unusual texture and taste that I did not like. I recommend skipping this one.

FYI… There are some new products coming out that have not used animals to produce, but rather have lab made “animal” ingredients, such as whey. I will not be trying these foods. I have a dairy intolerance and wanted to share in case anyone is looking for reviews of these foods.

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