Box of LUHV Delivered

We all get busy and sometimes I don’t want to cook. I have tried meal delivery before and been underwhelmed. But LUHV Deli is on my Philly Vegan Food Tour, so I knew I liked their food. Stumbling on a food delivery option on Instagram made my mouth water. We decided to give it a try.

First thing on the website asks for your zip code to find out if you are in their delivery area. Right now this is only available in Philly for pick up and limited delivery. But I’m in the delivery zone. Woo hoo!

Hubby was even more excited than I and picked out four dishes. A week later I got a text that our Box of LUHV was delivered.

In addition to our food was compostable packaging and a candle for ambiance. Or a thank you. Either way, it was a nice surprise. Everything was frozen with minimal packaging. I liked being able to unpack the food with ease.

We tried the bacon frittata and Bok Choy Tofu first. Starting frozen, the food was a bit watery, but tasty.

The next day, after more thawing, we tried the Saffron Risotto and Crab Cakes and the Mediterranean Pasta. I’m not a big faux fish fan, but Hubby enjoyed the risotto and crab cakes. The flavor of the pasta was very good.

For frozen and delivered food, LUHV was yummers. We have already ordered our next box. Maybe we will be able to wait for the dishes to thaw this time, but I doubt it.

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