My Little Cupcake in Burlington

What a cute space! Cute enough to draw in everyone. Luckily, My Little Cupcake in Burlington, Vermont has vegan cupcakes too!

I walked in and went straight to the case to see what options were available. Three labels said vegan, but no cupcakes were in the case. That made me sad, so I asked the woman behind the counter if it meant they were all gone. Nope! Just not in the case. Woo hoo!

I ordered one of each. The Halloween Snowball, Chocolate, Chocolate Chip, and Chocolate ❤️’s Vanilla. The cupcakes are super cute!

Two bites for me to eat one, but only one bite for Hubby. Very yummers! I highly recommend stopping by My Little Cupcake when in Burlington. The chocolate cake reminded me of my Chocolate Bundt Cake.

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