Vegans Get Sick Too

Some vegans say they never get sick, at least not since going vegan. I’m glad for them. I wish I could say the same was true for me. I still get sick sometimes. Colds, flu, food poisoning, I’ve had them all. I am currently recovering from a flu. It’s a bummer, but made me think others might want to know some of the things I do when I’m sick.

The first thing I do is stay in bed. Seriously, the last thing I want is to infect others and stay sick longer because I pushed myself too hard. Flu is especially dangerous considering the hundreds of people who die from it, or complications, each year.

There are a few go to things I do like turn on my vaporizer and get some very soft facial tissue. In addition, I use lip balm on the edge of my nose to protect from chapping.

To help heal and reduce pain, I drink lots of ginger and tumeric tea. When my throat is sore, I reach for Ricola, the ones without honey.

Congestion gets my neti pot. It takes a little getting used to, but really helps. I only use water that has gone through my seven stage filter to stay safe.

To keep things disinfected, I have a UV wand that kills germs on solid surfaces. I also rinse things in vinegar and spray things with a water diluted vinegar spray (50/50). I also use vinegar as a rinse in my laundry.

Next time you are under the weather I hope some of these tips help. Healthy thoughts to you!

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